Portal© for Windows

Portal© OS (Open Source)

Why make Portal Open Source?
Portal has been a wonderful experience, but I think it is now time to let others use its power and feature set to help promote mudding in general. This may be to create a new client or support an existing client. Whatever the end result, I think text-based gaming as a whole can only gain from this.

What is included?
Everything you will need to compile Portal in Delphi 4. You get the code files, the form files, the project files, the database schema and a clean fresh database.

The only exception is the 3rd party components (some screen and data controls and the spellchecker), which cannot be distributed outside of their rules.

What is the license? Are there be any strings attached?
No license, and no strings. Pandora's box is open and I have no intention of preventing anyone from doing anything they want with it.

Seriously? What if other mud clients use the code?
If I was concerned with that, I would put disclaimers and crap into a license. This is for the good of perpetuating mudding, nothing else.

Will you allow links to Portal-code-using clients on the GameAxle page?

Is the current version of Portal still available and supported?

Should other clients go open source?
Should they? Yes, especially the java-based ones that some muds claim as "exclusive." Let other muds in on your toy to use to connect to their mud. Believe me, I know a little bit about running a successful mud. If yours is cool, players will play it regardless of the client they use.

Any parting words of wisdom?
Delphi 4 is a bit out of date, but it should not take much for a resourcesful coder to get it up to today's standards.

Oh yeah, did I mention that we're expecting our second child in mid-October? Jared is going to have a baby brother! *Shameless plug to Click Here*

Ok, where do I get it?
Right here!

Good luck!